Bunji Garlin Talks The Importance of Soca Music, The Culture, & How Change Continues To Shape Him Musically

In honor of Labor Day Weekend in New York, the legendary soca artist Bunji Garlin sits with our very own Krista B. to speak on the importance of soca and carnival culture, his influence as an artist, and the first time he heard his song “Differentology” play on U.S. radios. 

Born in Trinidad, Garlin reveals that growing up in a strictly Christian household, he wasn’t exposed to the Carnival culture until he first broke into the music industry in 1999. He also explained that there is more than one type of Mas that is played in Trinidad. 

He goes on to speak about his new music and what fans can expect from him in the near future. Check out the interview and let us know which Caribbean country you’re from.