Burna Boy Reacts To Criticism About His Views On The African Diaspora

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Burna Boy has been hit with some criticism after he gave his opinions about the African Diaspora. 

While having a conversation, the “Last Last” singer revealed that he was disappointed that he received criticism for wishing that the African diaspora was unified. After sharing his views in a recent post on social media, many fans were offended by it. 

He would respond to them by stating, “Why do you think the Chinese American has their respect, and they don’t go through the things that African Americans go through? Even though they might go through their struggles.” 

Burna Boy continued, “Because the Chinese American has a base. He actually knows where he’s from in China….Italian Americans…they know the first person in their family to come to America…the same goes for everyone else except the African American….how can they be on the same field?”

However, this comment from Burna Boy drew mixed reviews from fans. See what they had to say below. 


What are your thoughts on what Burna Boy said? Do you agree or disagree with him?