Burna Boy Shares Toni Braxton’s Earnings From Hit Song ‘Last Last’

Grammy Award-Winning singer and king of Afro-Fusion, Burna Boy revealed a few musical secrets regarding the making of his latest hit “Last Last” in an interview with MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME that aired on Sunday, July 3rd. 


Burna Boy confirmed that the song was inspired by his ex and the broken relationship between him and British rapper, Stefflon Don. The pair started dating in early 2019 and broke things off right before the start of 2022 due to several claims of infidelity. Burna Boy explained that “Last Last” is about the pain during break-ups, but everybody has to feel that kind of pain in order to eventually move on. 


In his interview with MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME, Burna Boy shares that he sampled legendary R&B singer Toni Braxton’s song “He Wasn’t Man Enough”. Although it was his idea to sample Braxton’s song, he discloses that the track was produced by Nigerian musician Chopstix. Burna Boy said that he knew Chopstix would make the song a banger, “I just wanted to use that sample and I knew Chopstix could do something crazy with it. I just pointed that s— out and he took it from there.” He continued, “That’s one of the most creative processes ever”.


Burna Boy revealed that Toni Braxton gets 60% of his earnings from his song. Many were quick to go to Twitter and complain that her percentage was on the high end. Some users called him “desperate” while others pointed out that Braxton making 60% of royalties is not a big deal, considering how expensive and common music sampling is in the industry. Burna Boy made it clear that he doesn’t mind the percentage and that he hopes to see her pop out to one of his shows. 


Burna Boy announced that the release of his new album, “Love Damini” got pushed back to July 9th, this upcoming Friday. The artist shared the names of the tracks and what is presumably the back cover of the album artwork on his Twitter.