Candiace Dillard Calls Out Gizelle Bryant For Accusing Her Husband Of Inappropriate Behavior

On this past episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, things got heated between co-stars Candiace Dillard and Gizelle Bryant. 

In the last scene of the episode, Bryant was seen telling Dillard that her husband, Chris Bassett, made her feel uncomfortable with his inappropriate behavior after a private conversation they had after last season’s reunion. 

Although Gizelle admitted that Chris didn’t do anything to her, Candiace took the complaint as an attack on her husband. Candiace then went looking for one of the producers, Eric Fuller, and said referring to Ashley Darby’s husband, “If it’s going to be about maligning my f**k husband, you don’t want me here.” 

She went on to say, “Michael Darby is available for that, the ass-grabbing motherf***er that likes to actually make people feel uncomfortable, he’s available for that, not my husband.” 

Gizelle went on to say, “I don’t wanna be in a closed room with a married man. I am a woman who had a husband cheat on her. I don’t wanna be put in the optics of cheating. I don’t wanna have anything to do with it.” 

She confided in fellow co-star Robyn and said, “Chris made me feel completely uncomfortable to the point where I told you after it happened, and you were like, ‘Oh Gizelle, whatever.’”

In the same episode, Ashley also spoke to Candiace about Chris being her Instagram DM and revealed that she considers Candiace to be a friend and wanted to be transparent with her. 

“I appreciate you coming to me,” Candiace said to Ashley. “The thing is, Chris is trying to rebrand Vue, so he really wants my friends to come to the W because he wants cool people to come up there.” 

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