Cardi B. Rallys Behind Getting Justice For Social Media Influencer Lauren Smith- Fields

Cardi B. wants justice for Lauren Smith- Fields, a young Black woman who was found dead in her apartment following a Bumble date.

The rapper took to social media to call out the people who have been giving misinformation about Smith-Fields and her case. Cardi would share on Twitter that the victim’s alleged killer is 37-year-old  Matthew LaFountain and not an elderly man as it was originally reported. 

“Naa this man don’t look old and it’s not old at all and yet the media made it seem like she was wit [an] old a** man looking to trick on her. I’m disgusted on how they spin the narrative especially because I see people saying online ‘that’s what she gets.’”

She went on to address the state of Connecticut on their lack of handling this case. 

“This is sooo scary!!! A fictional murderer character but in real life!! Justice for Lauren. Connecticut you failed that young lady!!!”

As mentioned above, Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead in her apartment on December 12, 2021, after her date with Matthew LaFountain. 

A Bridgeport Police Department report states that Smith-Fields and LaFountain “were drinking tequila at her apartment when she became ill and briefly stepped away to vomit. The pair then reportedly continued to drink until she got a text and stepped outside of the apartment unit to get something from her brother.” 

It went on to say that LaFountain was the one to call the police the next morning when he saw blood coming out of her nose and realized that she wasn’t breathing. Matthew LaFountain was the last person to see her alive but has not been questioned as a suspect. 

Lauren Smith-Fields’ family has been very vocal on social media about the inconsistencies in this case and the way that it is poorly being handled. They announced on January 16th, that they will move forward with suing the police department. The family has also launched a GoFundMe with the hopes of hiring a private investigator to take another look into her death.