Cedric the Entertainer Ended Fund for Family After They Complained It Wasn’t Enough

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Cedric the Entertainer seems to have had enough of his family members. The comedian volunteered to help out his family members financially by creating a $25,000 fund to help with emergencies like mortgage payments or assistance with bills. 

In promotion of his new book, Flipping Boxcars, he was interviewed and discussed the fund. He explained how he approaches family members borrowing money. 

“I definitely know how to say ‘no’…I say ‘nay,’ I’m past ‘no,’ ” he began.“I used to have a whole fund for the family, every year, $25,000 for whatever it is. You can get it if you qualified…not getting it for nonsense, but if you needed school money,” he said.

Cedric the Entertainer then added that his sister managed the fund and that family members were only allowed to take a portion as opposed to a single individual using the entire $25,000.

He eventually had to put an end to the fund, however. In the interview he explained that his family members started asking for more money. “Some people wanted bigger and bigger checks,” he shared.

Cedric’s book, Flipping Boxcars, is a crime thriller with a personal connection to the entertainer. The lead character is based on his grandfather.