Celebrating Black History Now: Gardy St. Fleur – Art Advisor; Saint Fleur Fine Art

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All month long, WBLS along with our sister station HOT 97 will be celebrating young professionals that are making Black History today.

At the age of fourteen Gardy St. Fleur bought his first piece of art but now Vanity Fair has dubbed him as “the NBA’s Go-To Art Adviser.”

St. Fleur is a Haitian-American, raised in New York City – he’s established a reputation for curating some of the most interesting and unique pieces of art from around the world for prestigious clients, as well as his own personal collection.

Gardy is writing the blueprint on how to break into the fine art world in the twenty-first century. He’s a Brooklynite turned international art curator, now operating an art advisory firm in New York City and Paris.

The fine art world has been historically regarded as stuffy and white-dominated, but as the landscape of fine art changes and opinions become less Euro-centric curators like Gardy St. Fleur are revolutionizing the art world.

In a sit down interview with JusNik, St. Fleur talked about the secretive and private business of fine art and how he’s come to curate art from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

In this interview he discusses the method of buying art, showcases some of his favorite pieces, and how he sells pieces to some of the biggest celebrities in the world, his passion and more!