Cher Speaks On Her Last Visit With Tina Turner

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Cher is reminiscing about her last visit with her longtime friend, the late Tina Turner.

In a recent interview, Cher shares that her last visit at Turner’s home in Switzerland was full of laughs. “I got to see her. She was lying on the chaise and said, ‘I’m tired.’” She continued, “Then for two hours we were running around the house, and she was laughing hysterically. She just needed to talk and yell. That’s the Tina that I loved. We had the best time and talked about the old times.” 

The “Believe” singer also revealed that she left Turner’s house with a special gift, a pair of her high heels. “I’m not going to wear them. I just have them up in my closet.” 

According to reports, Cher and Tina Turner’s friendship spanned over five-decades and it began in 1975, when the “What’s Love Got To With It,” singer appeared on Cher’s variety show. They would go on to sing duets together throughout their careers. 

Tina Turner passed away in May at the age of 83 after battling a long illness. Cher remembers the late singer as a great artist of this generation. “There was no other person like her,” she said. 

“There was no other person who could even come close to who she was. As a woman, she gave you lots of strength. And I’m sure she’s encouraged so many young people, but she gave me lots of strength sometimes, and I gave her lots of strength, too. I think we were perfect friends for each other, truthfully.”