Chilli Sets The Record Straight About Her Current Relationship

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Singer Chilli is making it known that her relationship with boyfriend Matthew Lawrence is the real deal. 

In a recent interview, she said, “It’s real and there is nothing fake about it. I’m here with him because I wanna be and he wants to be. We’re just so happy, we really are.” 

She continued, “I honestly didn’t think that I would experience what I’m experiencing now and I was OK with that.” The TLC member also talked about never knowing anyone who needed to be in a relationship. 

“He has changed everything, the way I look at relationships. It’s so different.” However, she wouldn’t say if she has any plans for marriage. “We’re still in the beginning stages so we’ll see.”

We recently reported that Chilli was dating the “Boy Meets World” star after they appeared in public together.