Chilli’s Son Reveals She’s Going To Be Grandmother

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Congratulations are in order for TLC’s Chilli. The singer revealed that she is going to be a grandmother. 

Her son, Tron, made the announcement on Instagram. In the post, he talked about the struggles they endured while trying to conceive. 

“WE ARE PREGNANT!! FINALLY WE CAN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE OUR DAUGHTER LUNA WANG AUSTIN will be here in March 2024! To my wife I am so proud of you witnessing you going through so much just to get our beautiful baby here. I am in awe of your efforts and I am blessed and honored by Jesus himself to begin this journey with you. I love you so much you are going to be the best mother EVER !” he wrote. 

He continued, “We came a long way 5 years later. We are married and expecting our first child. loyalty goes a long way. She went through:
 2 HSG procedures ,
1 hysteroscopy , removal of both tubes and scar tissue from hernia & appendicitis surgeries ,
1 egg retrieval,
1 miscarriage, 
And still stayed strong through the whole thing!#IVF has tested us and blessed us through a year and a half journey. We will be the best parents for our little one and we just cannot wait for her to be here. P.S HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY I hope you enjoy the diaper bag hehe😉👶🏻❤️🐉