Chinese Principal FIRED After Hiring Pole Dancer to Perform at Back-to-School Ceremony

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

A kindergarten principal in China, by the name of Lai Rong was recently fired after hiring a pole dancer to perform for kids at the school on their first day back. According to sources, most schools across China usually celebrate the first day of school with a ceremony which consists of performances and speeches.

However, parents were livid with this ceremony which included a pole dancer. The videos started circulating on the web showing a dancer sliding up and down the pole with music playing in the background. CBS News reports that several young boys tried to mimic the dancer “gyrating their hips and dancing around each other.”

Parents took to social media to express their frustration with Rong’s actions and demanding that she resigns.

One parent wrote:

 “Pole dancing at a school welcome ceremony? How can I trust my children with them? I’m going to pull my kid out and ask for a refund.”

“Is the principal an idiot?” another wrote.

Rong later apologized to parents for the “horrific viewing experience” and not checking the dancer’s performance. Following her apology, it was announced by local authorities that Rong was terminated.

The Bao’an education bureau said in a statement, “Other schools in the district should reflect on this incident and strictly uphold education standards.”

See the clip below: