Chlöe Bailey Denies Dating Future & ‘Selling Her Soul’

It’s undoubtedly Chlöe Bailey season!

As the 23-year-old singer/actress rises to fame as a solo artist, she also has to deal with many haters and rumors.

Chlöe hopped on Instagram Live to interact with fans. When asked about her dating life, she quickly shut down any chatter involving the rapper Future. She also said she’s never spoken to him. Chlöe said, “Yeah, someone said – I don’t know where that rumor came from. Someone asked if me and Future talk. He’s a wonderful fella, love his music [but] I’ve never spoken to him a day in my life.”

The “Have Mercy” singer also made it clear that she’s not in the Illumnati.” In the video, Chlöe said, “You know what really cracks me up, one moment you all say that I talk about God too much, and the next you say I’m selling my soul. Which is it my loves? I love God so much, and I love music, and I just have a lot of passion. That’s it.” She continued,

“I didn’t sell my soul, no. It’s funny to see that online and I’m happy you all think that the song (“Have Mercy”) is doing well enough for me to have to do that, but no.”

Chlöe is fresh off an incredible VMA performance. It was her first time as a solo artist, and she didn’t come to play. Take a look back: