Chris Bassett Breaks Silence About Gizelle Bryant’s Accusations

Chris Bassett is finally addressing the accusations made by Gizelle Bryant on the Real Housewives of Potomac.

During this past Sunday’s episode, Gizelle was seen speaking with her fellow co-star, Karen Huger about the conversation she had with Candiace Dillard-Bassett pertaining to her husband, Chris. 

We previously reported that Bryant claimed that Bassett had made her feel uncomfortable during last season’s reunion after a private chat that they had. Karen addressed Gizelle and said, “What I heard was very disturbing. A comfort zone that does not exist for you, where Chris is concerned and Chris thinks that you’re more comfortable than you are.” 

Karen also added that Bassett owes Gizelle an apology to which she agreed. In the same episode, Chris and Candiace spoke about the allegations, who are also on an egg-freezing journey. 

“The stuff with Gizelle is stressing me out and stress can contribute negatively to producing enough eggs. How are you feeling about everything?”, Candiace asked. 

Chris replied, “First I was angry. Like, why you wanna make something now out of nothing? I was angry because that’s not my personality. I am actually always looking to make people comfortable.” 

He continued, “You can do everything that you think you’re doing right to make somebody feel comfortable but you don’t know what they been through or what their past is. So when the conversation turns to luring or setting up, the word usage is upsetting and I didn’t even ask to go to her room. I said ‘Gizelle can we talk?’ and she said ‘yeah, let’s go to my room.’”

Bassett revealed that it was in fact Gizelle that suggested that they speak in her room. He also added, “Maybe she was uncomfortable but I know that I’ve never been anything but nice to her. I mean she references my penis every chance she gets.”

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