Chris Brown Is Cleared On Rape Charges But People Are STILL Mad At Him For THIS [PHOTO]

Photo credit – Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Chris Brown was arrested and detained in Paris over an alleged rape charge but was later cleared on it. Many people jumped to Chris Brown’s defense, calling the claims bogus and a lie, while others, like Eve, had some questions and strong opinions.

When news broke of the alleged allegation, Chris Brown immediately responded on social media. He took to IG and said that the accuser isn’t telling the truth. In a since-deleted IG post, the caption wrote “this b***h lying,” and the accusations made on him went against his morals and values.

There was no clear evidence of any foul play, and the accuser’s story wasn’t adding up according to reports. This gave authorities reason to believe that the claim was false. Chris plans on filing a defamation lawsuit

Some people are upset at Chris Brown for making T-shirts that quote his reaction after the news broke that he was arrested on a rape charge. In light of the #MeToo movement where women are coming forward and standing up against their accusers, some feel that Chris making a profit off of this topic, which could be deemed as insensitive to real victims.

Would you consider Chris Brown a victim in HIS situation?