Chris Rock Reportedly ‘Frustrated’ About Jada Pinkett Smith’s Drama

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Chris Rock wants Jada Pinkett Smith to keep his name out of her mouth. According to a new report from Daily Mail, a source close to Rock says he’s “frustrated” with being brought into the drama of Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith.

“Chris has said his piece on the entire Will Smith slap, but now with these new revelations from Jada that her and Will have been living separate lives it is just another WTF moment in the whole saga from these past few years between Chris, her, and Will,” the source said to the outlet.

Jada Pinkett Smith has been on a press tour for her new book, Worthy. Through several different interviews, she has explained the status of her marriage, her relationship with Tupac and the night of the infamous Oscar’s slap.

“Chris hates that she keeps bringing it up and bringing up the other revelations about Chris asking her on a date and all of that,” the source continued. “He is a relatively private person and was just getting to a point where people may have started to move on, but now it is back in the limelight, and it’s just frustrating that everything is coming back to the forefront.”

The source concluded, “Chris is over it and would actually love for her to keep his name out of her damn mouth.”