Christian Keyes Opens Up About Being Sexually Harrassed By Hollywood Exec

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Christian Keyes is opening up about his experience of being sexually harrassed by someone in Hollywood. The actor took to Instagram to share his story without naming the alleged culprit.

In the video Keyes shared that the person abused “certain powers” and “were moving inappropriately.”

“I want to be transparent with ya’ll about that. I’ve done my best to forgive this person, but it happens. It happens,” he said. “It’s not just women that have to deal with it. It’s also men sometimes. Men tempting men. That’s why a lot of my posts over the last years have been about taking the scenic route.” 

Keyes said int he video that the man “sexually harassed” him for years. He added that the Hollywood exec had “multiple young Black men” on payroll to be available at his request.

Several of Keyes’ peers showed their support int he comments of the video.

Tami Roman commented, “Christian I’ve been around you several times and you are such a light who walks with integrity & peace. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this but I commend your bravery!” Claudia Jordan wrote, “You shared a piece of this with me when we first met may be 15 years ago and said one day you would come forward … and YOU DID. I am SOOOOOO proud of you!” 

Actress Elise Neal commented, “My brother- I understand- and I completely am with u!!!. I’ve been in these situations and I’m proud of you,” as Get Out star Lil Rel Howery wrote “Proud of you brother.”