Christina Milian Opens Up About Choice To Move To Paris To Raise Her Children

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Christina Milian is finally opening up about her move from Los Angeles to Paris. Back in August, the actress and model shared with her Instagram followers that her daughter, Violet, is excited to start middle school in Paris. Milian has often shared her time going back and forth from the US to France, but now it seems that she is across the pond for good.

In a conversation with Essence, Milian discussed the move and getting adjusted to a new norm.

Christian Milian in Paris

“It’s awesome. Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live,” she explained. “It’s a very active lifestyle there. I like to move around, I like meeting people, I like seeing things, I love architecture, I love history. And so it’s rich in that and it’s rich in its culture.”

Violet, whom she shares with music producer, The Dream, is Milian’s oldest child. She also has two sons with her current husband, Matt Pokora.

“I do a lot with my kids. I take them to the park. There are parks everywhere,” Milian continued to share. “My daughter and I, after school I pick her up and we just go walking. On the weekends we go find really cool food, we go shopping, we just discover things. And then my husband and I have really great dinners and we’ll go get a massage and we’ll do things. I feel it’s one of the best places for us to raise our family because we don’t really like to be bored anyways and we’re always moving around. We’re really happy there.”

She continues to share that life in Paris has been very rewarding and she’s taking things one day at a time. When discussing what her next moves are, she said she wants to just focus on learning French and being a mom.

“Maybe at some point I’ll go back in the studio and sing again. We’ll see,” she said.