Chuck D Mocks Donald Trump For Gold Sneaker Stunt

During Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con event earlier this month, Donald Trump unveiled a pair of signature shoes for followers to purchase in support of his 2024 presidential campaign. The $400 shoe, a gold high-top with a ‘T’ emblazoned on the side and a modified American flag on its collar, quickly sold out online after its launch. According to the Associated Press, Trump claimed that he’d been talking about the venture “for 12 years, 13 years.”

 Chuck D gave his take on Trump’s decision to create a shoe line.

“I ain’t never been a sneakerhead. I wear ’em, [but] don’t overthink much of ’em,” he wrote on Twitter. “Dude thinks he can get the Black vote like the other guy by dangling bait. 2024. We laughed at the possibility of this scenario last century.”

Chuck D, an outspoken critic of the twice-impeached former president, has been vocal about his feelings towards Trump in various interviews and essays. In an interview with The Guardian, he expressed concerns about Trump’s governing power and referred to him as a “half-baked celebrity real estate hypocrite.” He also criticized Trump’s response to events like the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.

Responding to a user who shared an old photo of Trump with Muhammad Ali, Don King, and Jesse Jackson, claiming that Ali “loved” Trump, Chuck D disagreed, calling the “love” shown in the picture disingenuous. He emphasized that while Trump may be charismatic to some, it doesn’t mean he is fit to lead the country.

Despite Trump’s efforts to garner support from the Hip-Hop community, Chuck D made it clear that he does not share the sentiment of other rappers who have spoken positively of Trump. He believes that Trump’s charm does not qualify him for the presidency, stating, “He’s a likeable New Yorker to many, doesn’t mean he can run sh*t.”

With Trump emerging as the favorite for the Republican nomination in the 2024 Presidential Election, Chuck D’s critique underscores a broader skepticism within the Hip-Hop community regarding Trump’s political aspirations.