Ciara Opens Up ABout Leveling Up After a Breakup

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Singer, Ciara, is sharing some insight on her breakup from rapper, Future, soon after she gave birth to their son, Future Zahir.

In an interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, she was asked about the 2014 breakup but the show’s host, Alex Cooper. She said that she did some self-reflection and realized that it was time to move on from that relationship.

“You gotta also sometimes look in the mirror and reflect on yourself,” she explained. “Like what are things that I could be doing differently in my life? I’m looking for a change, but what does that mean?”

The relationship between Ciara and Future began in 2012. When she ended things in 2014, she realized that parenthood was a large reason why she left the rapper.

“When you have a child, it’s very important to me; it’s no time to play around,” Ciara shared. “I am now responsible for another life, so what am I doing? How am I thinking that through?”

She says she found her power to leave.

“When you’re tired, you’re tired and don’t nobody want to be tired all the time,” Ciara expressed.