Ciara Receives Media Backlash Over New Skincare Line

Twitter users aren’t having these Goodies.

On Monday (August 29), 90s icon Ciara announced that she is launching her own skincare line. OAM — which stands for “On a Mission”. It is said to be dropped online on September 15th.

OAM represents Ciara’s everlasting ambition. The 36-year-old singer describes herself as a “woman on a mission”. In an interview with Allure, Ciara shares, “I had a vision for things that were important to me to check off on my dream list of things to accomplish.” The ‘Level Up’ singer continues, “This was one of them.”

OAMskin is for women of all skin tones and skin types. The line consists of “clinical-level” products such as: Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser, Vitamin C Brightening Pads, 20% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, and Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer.

In a recent Instagram post about the announcement, Ciara wrote “You’ve been asking… and here it is. Meet my secret sauce.”

The quick promotional video featured Ciara’s flawless skin and multiple Instagram comments that asked for her skincare routine. Many on IG were siked about the new line. Some comments praised her for the artist’s business mind and others showed their excitement to try out the new products. However, many users on Twitter weren’t too pleased about this new drop.

“I really love Ciara but an all Vitamin C skincare line is so boring and random.” – @MakeupForWOC

One Twitter user wrote: “Ciara doing skincare is crazy when she could really start a dance academy or dance reality type show he, helping music groups and performers. What happened to things making sense.”

Another user wrote, “I feel like she should have done something fitness related instead. Like I’d buy Ciara leggings and dumbbells. Face wash? Nah I’m good.”

Other users defended her and called out the negative comments saying that they are bitter and don’t want to see Black women win.

Despite the unsupportive users, one thing is true: Ciara is going to continue to do what she wants, how she wants. Of course, we are going to respect that! You go, girl!