Ciara Shares Details About Her Toxic Relationship with Future and Finding Love with Russell Wilson on ‘Red Table Talk’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Jada, Willow, and Adrienne welcomed Ciara to the Red Table this week as they gave her a space open up about the “beauty marks” left behind by ex-fiancé and rapper Future. 

Jada highlights the details of Ciara’s relationship noting she and the Atlanta MC were engaged in 2013 only to end things three months after their son baby Future was born. But the actress and online show host reminded viewers that every story has a silver lining, and Cici’s came in the form of Russell Wilson.

“People see me glammed up, and everything looks like it’s good. And everything is not always good,” Ciara told the table. “I’d be in the shower and I’d be crying because I’m not in the happiest place.”

Ciara admits she was “really afraid” of losing herself in the turmoil of her relationship and what her future (no pun intended) would look like.

Jada asked, “What was the most painful aspect of that? Was it the break-up, was it the idea of being a single parent?”

“It was the combination of everything because it wasn’t ideal. I grew up with my mom and my dad being together…I feel like I’m failing right now. They’re gonna roast me. Get ready for the comments,” Ciara remembers thinking when she was readying to make the decision to be a single mom.

She continued, “When I was thinking about my son, Future, I realized I had to start making different decisions.”

Jada’s words of wisdom were right on point: “Every woman has her beauty marks. You need the adversity to come into your wisdom. It is up to us to transform it.”