Claudia Jordan Chimes In On Busta Rhymes Throwing Water On Fan

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Busta Rhymes made headlines after he threw water on a woman who touched him inappropriately. 

Since the video has gone viral, fans had mixed reactions to the rapper’s action, however actress Claudia Jordan stands by what Rhymes did. Jordan told TMZ, “Busta Rhymes should feel safe in public where no one should grab his private parts.” 

She continued, “People need to keep their hands to themselves. I do think we like to make fun of men if it comes from a woman, but I think that we have to keep the same energy. I think he was right to feel violated.” 

Jordan also speaks on the double standard between men and women in this instance. “I think it’s fair to let people have their reactions to being violated, we don’t know if that might be triggering to him. He might be with his girlfriend, and girl comes up and grabs his butt and she messes up his night and she like who’s that b****.” 

She added, “If it was a woman it would be hands down she is totally in the right to throw a drink in a guy’s face, he violated.” 

What are your thoughts on what Claudia Jordan said?