CNN in Possession of a New Sex Tape Allegedly ft. R. Kelly and Underage Girl

Photo Credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images

Things just got worse for R. Kelly.

According to CNN R. Kelly is currently being investigated over a NEW sex tape that features a woman whose age has yet to be disclosed.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is representing the man who turned over the tapes to authorities, claiming he knows the identity of the woman in the video as well as R. Kelly.

The footage allegedly lasts for 42 minutes and features the woman calling the man daddy, as well as referring to her genitalia as her “14 year-old p***y.”

Reports state the two also urinate on each other in the footage, keep in mind this was all reviewed by CNN.

R. Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg has told CNN that they have not heard of the development of this alleged case.