Coco Gauff Becomes The Youngest Player To Win A Grand Slam Championship

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Coco Gauff is officially a Grand Slam champion

The 19-year-old beat Aryna Sabalenka in the U.S. Open women’s singles final on Saturday. According to reports, Gauff won 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, and she became the third American teen to win the final grand slam of the year. 

Gauff is the youngest American to win the US Open since Serena Williams won her tournament 24 years ago when she was 17 years old. After her phenomenal win, Gauff expressed how she felt. “I feel like I’m a little bit in shock in this moment. I’m just thankful for this moment. I don’t have any words for it, to be honest.” 

She also celebrated with her parents, coach, and the other guests who were in the player’s box. She went on to thank everyone who doubted her as well. “Thank you to the people who didn’t believe in me. To those who thought they were putting water on my fire, you were putting gas.” 

Coco Gauff’s win and achievements put her in a class with other greats such as Serena and Venus Willams, Naomi Osaka, Althea Gibson, and Sloane Stephens. “It’s an honor to be in that stat with Althea Gibson, Serena, Venus Williams, Naomi, and Sloane. They paved the way for me to be here. I hope another girl can see this and believe they can do it, and hopefully, their name can be on this trophy.” 

After her win, the new champion received a $ 3 million check and thanked the activist Bille Jean King who fought for equal pay for women at the US Open 50 years ago. 

Congratulations to Coco Gauff.