Colin Kaepernick Offers Financial Help To The Family Of The Inmate Who Mysteriously Died In Jail

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Colin Kaepernick has decided to help the family of an inmate who mysteriously died in jail. 

According to reports, Kaepernick has offered to pay for the autopsy of 35-year-old LaShawn Thompson, who was found dead in his cell in Fulton County Jail in September 2022. Thompson’s family believes that his death was caused due to the facility’s unsanitary conditions, however, the initial autopsy came back as “undetermined.” 

After hearing about the incident, Kaepernick contacted the family’s attorney, Ben Crump, and offered to pay for a second autopsy, which can cost between $20-$50K. LaShawn was arrested for simple battery, which is a misdemeanor. The conditions of his cell were unfit for anyone to stay in according to the family and released photos of what the cell looked like. 

“The cell he was in was not fit for a diseased animal. This is inexcusable and it’s deplorable,” Michael Harper, the family’s attorney said. Along with the photos of the cell, they also released photos of Thompson’s body which appeared to be covered in bug bites. 

Since the controversial jail conditions have been released, three jail officials have resigned from their position and the Fulton County Sheriff released a statement and said, “It’s clear to me that it’s time, past time, to clean house.” He also revealed that they are making changes to the facility as well. 

The process to have the second autopsy conducted has already been put in place by Colin Kaepernick and his family.