Comcast to Add Two Black- Owned Networks to Their 2019 Channel Lineup

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Comcast Corporation has announced that they will add two new black-owned channels to their lineup starting in January 2019. 

The channels, AFRO and CLEO TV, are both set to provide quality television shows, movies, highlights and more entertainment about the African American and black communities. 

According to Comcast, Afro will be a 24-hour network black and polycultural station that will mostly show top-rated movies, sitcoms, dramas, etc. Cleo TV is the network that will mostly target Millennials and Gen X women of color. The name of this network derived from Cleopatra. 

This channel will also show short and long form shows and content that focuses on travel, cooking, talk shows and more that will help break the cultural and negative stereotypes. 

These two channels are a part of a 10 channel commitment to launch independently owned networks. AFRO and CLEO TV will available on Xfinity TV.