Common Gives An Update On His New Album With Pete Rock

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Common is preparing to release a new album with Pete Rock and considers it “his best one yet.” 

While appearing on a panel in Santa Monica, the Chicago native was asked to name his top three albums which he said, “Like Water for Chocolate,” “Be,” and his upcoming project, “Soul Brother Number One.” 

“Y’all gon’ think I’m just talking, but this new Pete Rock joint. I’ma see y’all when I come back, whenever I’m back, and y’all can tell me if I’m bulls******g or not. It’s in my top,” he said. “I’ve had a couple of people coming in saying, ‘Yo, this is one of your best albums.’ So, I’m excited about it.”  

Last September, Common revealed that he was working on an album with Pete Rock during an interview with Ari Melber. “I been listening to a lot of ‘90s Hip Hop because I been creating a new project,” he said “I’m working on a new album with Pete Rock, and just, the energy of that music, whether it’s Brand Nubian, A Tribe Called Quest, or De La Soul because they just got their music on streaming, it’s been inspiring to hear.” 

Pete Rock also released a statement of his own about the album. “You ever miss that feeling of a good release in Hip Hop?” he wrote on his Instagram. “Remember how exciting that felt??? We both excited as a mafugga. I always feel like I got something to prove but it’s just fun to me to make music.” 

He continued, “Competing to make good music with all the different personalities involved today just gotten dry. We love Hip Hop and you will know just how much. Stay tuned!!!” 

Are you excited about the release of Common’s upcoming album?