Congrats! Chad Ochocinco Engaged To Girlfriend Sharelle Rosado

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Chad Ochocinco is starting his new year off in a big way! Over the weekend, the former NFL player recently got in engaged to his girlfriend, Sharelle Rosado

Ochocinco reportedly surprised Rosado with a small ceremony and a gorgeous ring. However, it seemed like the couple was already engaged after Rosado posted a photo to her IG story wearing a huge ring with the caption that read “I said yessss.” It turned out that the ring was not an engagement ring. 

Chad would plan a small and intimate gathering with all of their closest friends and loved ones before popping the question. Rosado would go on to share her feelings about the whole engagement.

“I’m honestly shocked! I’m at a loss for words. This was absolutely beautiful and to see my family and friends here to celebrate our love, that really did it for me,” she said. “Chad must have this completely a secret because I had no idea. He is definitely not a planner, so for him to pull this off for me is so amazing.” 

She continued, “Just the thought he put into this and having our family and friends here to witness says a lot.” The event took place in Miami, in which he made her believe it was a birthday party to celebrate his upcoming 45th birthday, (which is January 9th). He gave her a 7.5-carat ring. 

The reality tv star went on to say that her engagement is the next step in their journey together. “I’m so emotional because when we first started dating, he used to always tell me, ‘I’m going to make you my wife’… Although in my heart I knew we were always meant to be, now that it’s official, it’s even more special than I could have ever dreamed.” 

Congratulation to the happy couple!