Congrats: Duane Martin Reveals He’s Engaged To Model Ashley Marie Jones

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Congratulations to actor Duane Martin. He has revealed that he is engaged to model girlfriend Ashley Marie Jones.

Martin shared the big news on his Instagram over the weekend and wrote, “She, said YES. Meet my fiancée, God don’t make people like her in 3s.” He continued, “She’s rare. She’s a heart opener. Her spirit is cherry. I’m hugging gratitude tight.”

The post was followed by a video montage of Jones having fun and enjoying life. See the posts below.

He also shared the moment when he actually proposed to Jones, during a beautiful helicopter ride. Martin wrote, “I wanted to share this wonderful moment with you guys. Thank you all for your love and support. And that includes EVERY comment. I know it’s all energy directly from God.”

He went on to say, “Therefore it can be converted and reused as CLEAN, POSITIVE ENERGY that I can pass on to our HUMAN FAMILY.”

Jones reposted Martin’s video and said, “Wow, 2.2.24. A birthday surprise! Y’all, I’m a fiancée!!!… To such an amazing man. I value our connection; it’s at high altitude, high frequency, and filled with lots of laughter.”

Duane Martin was previously married to fellow actress Tisha Campbell for almost 30 years before filing for divorce. Their divorce was finalized in December 2020. They shared two sons together.