Congrats! Serena Williams Makes History As The 2nd Black Woman To Cover A Wheaties Box!

Photo Credit: TPN – Getty Images


Serena Williams continues to break barriers for Black women, and she’s doing it gracefully.


The legendary athlete is the 2nd Black woman to grace the cover of a Wheaties cereal box since the 2001 with tennis player Althea Gibson.


Williams took to Instagram with excitement regarding her recent accomplishment and posted a photo of the brand new cereal box with a caption that reads:


“So I have some really exciting news! It involves an amazing box. I am on the cover of Wheaties, and I couldn’t be more happy and more excited. It was always a dream of mine, and now other people and females and women can have that same dream, and be on the box many, many more times than me. But I’m so excited to have done it now!”