Congresswoman Maxine Waters Assisted In Making November National Hip Hop History Month

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is making sure hip hop gets recognized.

As reported on sources, November is officially National hip hop history month. Hip Hop N’ More reports in celebration of the 117th U.S. Congress’ official passage of Resolution 331, the Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) is launched “KNOW YA HIP HOP.” KNOW YA HIP HOP is a campaign geared towards recognizing history in hip hop. According to the press release, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) co-sponsored Res. 331 in Congress and the Senate passed it. 

The publication points out the mission of to educate the public more on “Hip Hop as a culture’s significant impact on history and to acknowledge its ‘universal’ spirit.” The campaign is inclusive in addition to operating with diversity, creativity, and social equity, the report says.

Congressman Bowman said, “The celebration of Hip Hop history and the study of it is essential to our democracy, our innovation, our voice, and who we are as human beings.”