Cops Called On Kelly Price Over A Rental Car Dispute

Kelly Price reveals that she had the cops called on her while she was trying to rent a car for her and her husband. 

According to the singer, she had got into a dispute with an employee at Hertz after claiming that he disrespected her and refused to rent a car to her. While on her Instagram live, she said, “This person is calling the cops on me right now. I’m at Hertz to pick up a car.” 

The employee would interject and say that Price was not allowed to film in the rental company location. Price replied and said, “Yeah, I’m not allowed to film- the cops say the same thing so while you’re calling them please.” 

She added, “So this gentleman is waiting for 911. I came in to pick up my cae and he’s talking to me like I’m stupid, so when I questioned why he was talking to me like that, he then had a problem with it and told me to either give him my ID or I can leave and not get the car.” 

Price later went on to speak in detail about the incident. “He had already spoken to me with tone before I got here. When I walked in the door he’s talking to me like I’m crazy. So when I asked him why he’s speaking to me in the tone he’s talking to me in, he decided he wasn’t going to rent me my vehicle. Why am I back in this building? I just thought about it. It’s always an issue with this company.”

She went on to say, “So since he’s calling the cops anyway maybe I might’ve actually broken a law. Cause coming in to get the car was not breaking one and telling him not to talk to me like I’m stupid is not breaking the law either.” 

Reports state that Kelly Price had failed to close her rental agreement after 10 days once she returned the 24-hour rental. They also accused her of keeping the car in possession and threatened to call the cops on her for fraud. 

See the entire video below.