D.L. Hughley Blames Mo’Nique For Rift With Daughter

D.L. Hughley recently delved into the ongoing turmoil within his family, sparked anew by Mo’Nique’s remarks during a widely-discussed interview with Shannon Sharpe. Speaking candidly on The Jason Lee Show, the comedian shed light on the rekindling of a rift between him and his eldest daughter following the resurgence of past controversies.

Reflecting on the impact of Mo’Nique’s words, Hughley lamented, “Whatever was said wasn’t for me. Whatever was said opened up a wound in my daughter that we’re arguing about right now. I’ve never had money all my life, but the love of my children I’ll always have. And when something jeopardizes that, I could never forgive you for it.”

The discord traces back to a contentious episode in 2022 when Mo’Nique interjected into a dispute over a Detroit comedy show, insinuating that Hughley failed to protect his daughter amid allegations of sexual assault. This incendiary exchange, aired publicly, reignited tensions between the two figures.

Mo’Nique’s public airing of grievances drew swift response, with Hughley’s daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard, issuing a pointed rebuke. In a scathing retort on social media, Shepard condemned Mo’Nique’s actions as “deliberately mean and hurtful,” highlighting the broader impact on the perception of Black women’s trauma.

Despite initial resistance, Mo’Nique extended an olive branch, expressing a willingness to engage in dialogue to mend fences. This gesture culminated in a public apology delivered during one of her stand-up comedy shows, wherein she sought to reconcile with Hughley’s family.

The actress’s public contrition underscored a commitment to rectify any harm caused, particularly to Hughley’s loved ones. However, her unwavering stance on the underlying issues underscored the complexity of the ongoing feud.

Hughley’s revelation of the strain on his familial relationships serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring repercussions of public disputes. As both parties navigate the fallout, the path to reconciliation remains uncertain, underscoring the delicate balance between accountability and forgiveness in the public sphere.