D.L. Hughley Chimes in on ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Controversy, ‘You Should Be Mad at Michael Jackson Too!’

Photo Credit: Michael S. Schwartz/Getty

D.L. Hughley appeared unbothered when spotted exiting Craig’s Restaurant alongside Dave Chappelle on Tuesday in West Hollywood. The two were asked about Lifetime’s docu-series Surviving R. Kelly and the allegations against him.

Unlike Chappelle, Hughley was ready to talk about the situation. He stated, “If you are mad at R. Kelly, you should be mad at Michael Jackson.” He also expressed his disliking for the people that seen R. Kelly commit these crimes and didn’t mention anything for years. He ended the interview by saying, “They’re great singers, but horrible baby sitters.”

Chappelle on the other hand says, “I don’t know. I have to watch it again,” when asked by TMZ paparazzi, if he stood by his skits and felt like he was being insensitive to the victims. He was then asked if he regrets not being apart of the documentary against R. Kelly. He replied by saying, “Jesus Christ man I just had dinner.”

The legendary skit on the Chappelle’s Show consisted of the comedian acting as R. Kelly in a
music video titled “Piss on You” mocking the disturbing video where the R&B star was urinating on a under age teenage girl. Dave also included a sketch on the jury selection process in the criminal trial.

Check out the brief interview below: