Damian Lillard’s Estranged Wife Requests Sole Custody of Children

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Following the news that Damian Lillard and his high school sweetheart, Kay’la, have decided to part ways, the two are now in a custody battle.

 Ina. statement received by Radar Online, Kay’la responded to Lillard’s divorce request, demanding sole custody.

“It is in the children’s best interests that I be awarded sole custody,” the filed declaration read. “I am best positioned to address the ongoing needs of our minor children. I have been responsible for the children’s care since their birth.”

She continued to detail the responsibility she has had over their children since their births.

She said he has “never been the sole parent responsible for the care of all three of our children, for any hours-long period without the help of nannies, assistants, and/or family members.”

She also pointed out that Lillard has moved to Wisconsin following the divorce filing. She mentioned that the NBA star has recently moved to the state to play for the Milwaukee Bucks. Lillard’s estranged wife did, however, make it clear that she desires for the kids to have a good relationship with their father.

“I understand he is busy and has many commitments he must attend to. I also understand that the brand ‘Damian Lillard’ needs to continue with an image of a family man. Despite our separation for several months, I have continued to support that image to the public,” the documents stated.