Damon Dash Calls Will Smith A ‘Villain’ For Smacking Chris Rock, Social Media Reacts 

Damon Dash is speaking out on Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars. 

As reported on Page Six, Dame said Will went from a “superhero” to a “villain.” Dame was also “shocked” at Will’s behavior. He told the publication exclusively, “I will tell you this — ten years ago, five years ago, one year ago, if I ever heard that Will Smith got up and smacked somebody, I would not believe it.” He continued, 

“It’s almost like when a superhero turns into a villain or when a wrestler goes from being a good guy to the bad guy. It is almost seen as the shift of Will Smith. It is like he’s sick of being a good guy I guess. Will is tired of being a punk and he exploded and Chris Rock got it.”

Dame went on to say that Will is dealing with other issues and overreacted. He suggested Will join therapy because he “he lost control of his emotions.” Dame said if it was him and Ye, he would have left in handcuffs and Kanye, “in a straight jacket.”

Take a look at some social media reactions: