Damon Wayans Wants To Do A Comedic VERZUZ Against Dave Chappelle

Damon Wayans is looking to be a part of the VERZUZ franchise but not for music. 

The comedian is looking to go head to head with Dave Chappelle for a comedic VERZUZ battle. 

According to reports, Wayans was asked if he has been keeping up with the music battles during an interview, he responded that he hasn’t. He later asked, “Do they do it with comedians?” 

Then Wayans would go on to call out Chappelle to do a battle with him. Both Wayans and Chappelle are comedic geniuses and have giving fans a long list of shows and movies from the early 90s to now.  

Who do you think would win in a comedic battle, Damon Wayans or Dave Chapelle? Let us know in the comments below.