Damson Idris Says Demons Helped Him Film Series Finale Of ‘Snowfall’

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Actor Damson Idris reveals that he had to go to some dark places while filming the last season of Snowfall. 

While having a round table discussion, the British actor said that it was challenging to make his character, Franklin Saint, become dark and evil. He said he resulted in calling on Satan for help. 

“I remember sometimes we’d do 10 episodes for my show. In this last season, I was hitting a block. … So I went into the corner and I was looking at the wall and I was like, ‘Come on, devil, come on devil. Come to me!!!’ Because I needed to do something crazy,” he said. 

After filming, Damson Idris stated that he realized that it wasn’t a good idea to call out the devil for help and said that there are certain spirits that should not be messed with. “That stuff is real. That stuff really is real.” 

However, fans were amazed by Idris’s acting in the finale, where his character went from having it all to losing everything including his home, his mother, his son, and his money. Saint would turn to alcohol to deal with everything. 

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