David and Tamela Mann Set to Release ‘Baby Making Music’ Album for Christians

Photo Credit: Album Cover

Gospel singers/power couple David Man and Tamela Mann are working on new music, but this time for Christians who want to enjoy sexual intimacy.

The two are currently working on an R&B album titled, Us Against the World to commemorate their 30-year reunion. Tamela tells Christian Post:

“It was different for me; it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing]. It made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked.”

David also adds, “It’s making baby music.”

The album is produced by David and Tamela along with their 30-year-old son David Mann, Jr.

Tamela explains:

“Even though you knew we were talking about love, it wasn’t nasty love music.”

Will you be purchasing your copy of “Us Against The World?”