Davido Welcomes Twins Nearly A Year After The Death Of His 3-Year-Old Son

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Afrobeats star Davido has experienced two little miracles after he and his wife recently welcomed twins almost a year after the tragic passing of their 3-year-old son. 

The news broke after videos of the singer’s wife, Chioma Rowland, was seen in a wheelchair holding both of her babies in her hand. She reportedly gave birth to one boy and one girl in the United States. He would confirm the news at the United Masters Select Con event. 

“It’s very hard. A lot of people that those things happened to, you would never want to believe in God ever in your life. But to still have faith and to still be able to do what I love, having a great team around me and just focusing…now we’re almost at the finish line and I want people to see and watch,” Davido said. 

He was then asked about navigating through the passing of his son to welcoming twins. He replied, “When my wife and I found out, we were shaking, and it was in the same month my son passed. My son passed away last year in October, and my wife gave birth this year in October.”

Shortly after the death of their son, Ifenanyi, Davido and his wife got married in a small ceremony surrounded by close family and friends. The singer also has children from previous relationships. 

Congratulations to the singer.