Deion Sanders’ Colorado Team Robbed After UCLA Game

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Over the weekend, Deion Sanders’ Colorado football team experienced a hard hit after they found out they had been robbed while playing at UCLA.

When the team returned to their locker room after losing to the UCLA Bruins, the players quickly found out that some of their personal belongings were missing. Some players had their jewelry stolen, while others had the valuables taken. 

It has been reported that the UCLA police are investigating the incident. It is not clear when the robbery happened or when the robbers entered the facility. The footage seemingly shows that the robbery took place when the team were on the field. 

Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig, a Defensive Back said, “You can’t go play football and know your sh** safe, dog. It’s messed up, bruh.” Another player can be heard saying in the video, “I just got my sh** yesterday.” He added, “I just got mine, bruh. I had the jewelry box and everything. They took it out my jewelry box.”

Deion Sanders has not released a statement on the incident yet.