Dennis McKinley Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Porsha Williams’ Cousin

Dennis McKinley is being hit was some serious accusations from ex’s Porsha Williams’ cousin, Storm. 

During the recent episode of Williams’ show, “Porsha’s Family Matters”, a heated argument broke out between McKinley, Williams, and other members of their families which quickly turned physical. 

In the clip, you can see Dennis pushing someone and Porsha throwing punches as everyone else is trying to put an end to the altercation.

After the episode aired, Porsha’s cousin Storm, went on social media to say that Dennis had sexually assaulted her when she was younger. 

She tweeted, “Dennis is a pedophile. I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and sexually harassed me the entire I worked in his establishments. I am a lesbian. We did not ever see each other outside of work and I have messages. Stop the cap nobody wants his fat a**.”

She also went on to post photos of the cuts and bruises she received during their trip to Mexico and stated that Dennis physically assaulted her. 

“Dennis physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’ve been silent long enough. This man has sexually harassed me and now a grown a** 40+-year-old man physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’m sick of it!”

What are your thoughts on this situation?