Department Of Justice May Charge The Shooters Of Ahmaud Arbery With A Federal Hate Crime

It looks like the Department of Justice will be considering pressing federal hate crime charges in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. 

A few weeks ago a video went viral of Arbery being shot to death while jogging through a Georgia neighborhood. Since the case has become a high-profile one, the state’s prosecutor Chris Carr has appointed a new district attorney to take over the case. 

According to reports, Kerri Kupec the DOJ’s spokeswoman stated that the agency has asked Carr to forward any information related to the case.

“We will continue to assess all information, and we will take any appropriate action that is warranted by thr facts and the law.”

The alleged shooters, Gregory and Travis McMichael have been arrested for Arbery’s death and are currently in jail after being denied bond. 

At the moment, Georgia does not have a state hate crime law.