DeVon Franklin Tells You 3 Ways to a Man’s Heart, 2 Reasons Why Men Can’t be Honest With Their Intentions & 1 Sign to Know He’s Just Not That Into You [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Preacher, motivational speaker, and best-selling author DeVon Franklin is on the road promoting his recently-released book, The Truth About Men, and he stopped by the WBLS studios let Shaila know what men want. 

After giving New York’s Sweetheart a quick update about his wife, the lovely Meagan Good, Franklin let Shaila know the truth about him during a 60-second round of rapid fire. Answering questions like “Do good guys finish last?,” “What are three ways to a man’s heart?,” and “What should women ask on the first date?,” Franklin gave listeners a preview of what to expect from his 288-page self-help book.  

Watch below as the 40-year-old motivator breaks down the truth about men and one of the most convicting things a woman may need to do with a man that is unwilling to change.