Diddy And His Family To Have Reality Series On Hulu

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Diddy is coming back to the world of reality television and he is bringing his entire family with him. 

According to reports, the media mogul and his children will work on a new reality series that will premiere on Hulu. As of now, the show is tentatively named “Diddy + 7,” and a source close to Diddy reveals, “It’s going to profile the entire family. They all have businesses- even the kids- and it will feature everyone.” 

The family was already seen filming the new show. The close source also says, “The show is all about the dynamic of the family and how Diddy does it all with the kids. They’re a real family, even all the baby mamas.” 

This news comes after we reported that Diddy wants to reveal the identity of the woman who is suing him for wrongful termination. She has pleaded with the judge to keep her identity hidden to avoid any harassment from Diddy and his entourage. 

There is no news on when the series is expected to air on Hulu, but when it does, will you be tuning in?