Diddy Assisted Former Bad Boy Rapper Shyne Return To America As A Diplomat

Diddy and Shyne are making amends.

As reported on Hot New Hip Hop, recently, Shyne was granted a Visa to meet with US senators and members of Congress across the country to establish new relationships between Belize and the US. Shyne now serves as a member of the Belizean House of Representatives and the opposition party leader. The article reports Diddy helped with the process, but it didn’t give details on how. Shyne, now known as Moses Barrow, has reentered the country on diplomatic business.

Diddy and Shyne feuded for years since the club incident on December 27, 1999. Shyne was partying with Puffy and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, and fired a gun inside an NYC club. 

Diddy got acquitted of the charges, but Shyne was found guilty. Shyne’s rap career was cut short. While locked up, he converted to Judaism and dropped his second album, Godfather Buried Alive (2004).

In 2009 Shyne was released from prison but got deported back to Belize, where he became Ambassador of Music for the country. His dad is Prime Minister Dean.

Last year, Diddy endorsed the “Bonnie and Shyne” rapper on his political journey, as he is running for the House of Representatives. In an Instagram post, Diddy said he’s “proud of his brother, encouraged people to support him, and added the hashtag Bad Boy 4 Life

In honor of #TBT, take a look at “Bonnie and Shyne:”