Diddy Shares Kim Porter’s Last Words: ‘Take Care of My Babies’

Photo Credit: Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images

In the latest issue of Essence magazine, Diddy gives fans some candid insight into his life after the death of Kim Porter.

As he discusses life without the matriarch of his family, he says Porter told him “take care of my babies” just days before she passed away.

“Three days before she passed, she wasn’t feeling well,” Diddy told famed writer Dream Hampton. “She had the flu, and she sent the kids over to my house so they wouldn’t get sick. One night I was checking on her, and she was like, ‘Puffy, take care of my babies.’ She actually said that to me before she died.”

The Bad Boy details how he went into full on parent mode when he got the news, and worked to get in touch with his children before the media reached them.

“I sent people in every direction to try to make sure the kids would not hear about it on social media or the news,” he recalled. “I had to get to the girls’ school and find Quincy, who was on set in Atlanta. Christian was on a plane, and I had his phone disconnected so he wouldn’t read it in the air.”

He continued, “On some level, I knew she was training me for this. I knew that I had to be ready to do whatever I was supposed to do if something like this ever happened.”

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