Diddy’s ‘Empower Global’ Loses 18 Brand Partnerships Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

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After being accused of sexual assault by former partner Cassie in November, Diddy is still facing turmoil in his businesses. According to Rolling Stone, 18 brands have ended their partnerships with his Empower Global project.

Empower Global is an e-commerce platform. Its main focus is to uplift Black-owned companies. Brands that were working with Empower Global like Tsuri, Nuudii System, No One Clothiers, Fulaba, and House of Takura, have all cut ties.

“This decision was made on the day that Casandra Ventura filed her lawsuit,” Annette Njau, House of Takura’s founder explained. “We take the allegations against Mr. Combs very seriously and find such behavior abhorrent and intolerable. We believe in victims’ rights, and support victims in speaking their truth, even against the most powerful of people.”

Rebecca Allen detailed that her decision to leave was due in part to the performance of the platform as well as the allegations against Diddy.

“We had a relationship with Empower Global from its earlier days because I was previously connected with the founder who sold the Nile List,” Allen said. “We enjoyed working with the team, but have not seen meaningful sales, so we were already planning to terminate our relationship at the end of this year. These harrowing allegations have expedited our decision, and we ended our partnership with Empower Global earlier this month.”

In early December, Diddy released. statement professing his innocence after countless women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. He already has denied Cassie’s claims of sexual assault, sex trafficking and rape.