Dionne Warwick Celebrates Number 1 Hit With Doja Cat

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Dionne Warwick has made her way to the top of the music charts thanks to Doja Cat and she is honored to say that she is now a part of hip-hop’s legacy. 

The living legend said, “It’s really wonderful to be able to say, ‘I am now a viable entity in the hip-hop genre and am now a rapper!!! Who knew I would be saying that at this time in my life???” 

She continued, “I am thrilled that these youngsters who are recording today have decided to listen to some really good stuff of the old folks and discover us and are keeping us alive!!!”

Dionne Warwick’s 1964 hit “Walk on By” is the sample on Doja’s “Paint The Town Red,” however this isn’t the first time that her song has been sampled on a song. In 1986, Slick Rick used the song for his hit “Mona Lisa.” 

Congratulations to both Dionne Warwick and Doja Cat!