Dionne Warwick is All About Her New Album and Over the Word ‘Diva’ [VIDEO]

Dionne Warwick is a “divine goddess” by definition, and Shaila was more than honored to meet the living legend when she stopped by the WBLS studios.

Warwick played a quick round of Shaila’s favorite “60 Seconds” rapid fire game, and shared her favorite artist and favorite song – both which come in the form of Luther Vandross. And of course, we’ve all heard the rumors about LeToya Luckett playing her in a future biopic, but Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed the news and let us know the project (with Luckett attached) is already in the works.  

While sharing details of some of her favorite memories of her cousin, Whitney Houston and the person she thinks is the greatest singer to ever live (other than herself), Ms. Warwick wanted to make one thing clear: don’t call her a diva.

Find out what she has to say about her upcoming album, She’s Back, and her life in and out the studio over the years.